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Worth Garden 42 Half Moon Edger

Create Perfectly Manicured Lawns with the Worth Garden 42 Half Moon Edger Lawn Tool!

- Versatile: The half-moon shape of the shovel makes it suitable for edging, shoveling, and other gardening and landscaping tasks.
- Easy to use: The manual design eliminates the need for complicated machinery, making it simple to use and maintain.

The Worth Garden Edger Lawn Tool is the perfect tool for any landscaping project. This 42 Half Moon Edging Shovel Manual is perfect for gardening and landscaping tasks. The Yard Turf Flower Bed Spade Edger Border Tool is designed to help you create a beautiful landscape with ease. The Round Grass Landscape Edger is made from heavy duty material and features a long wooden handle for added comfort and control. With this tool, you can easily create a perfectly manicured lawn with edges that are perfectly straight. This tool is great for creating borders and edges around flower beds, trees and other landscaping projects. With its long handle, you can easily reach all areas of your yard with ease. This tool is a must-have for anyone looking to spruce up their yard.