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Root Slayer Perennial Shovel

Dig Deep and Conquer Your Garden with the Root Slayer Perennial Shovel!

- Versatile: The Root Slayer Perennial Shovel is designed to cut through tough roots and break up hard soil, making it suitable for a variety of gardening tasks.
- Easy to store: The shovel has a compact design, making it easy to store in a shed or garage when not in use.

The Radius Garden 23311 Root Slayer Perennial Shovel is the perfect tool for any gardener. Its unique design features a curved and serrated blade that easily cuts through tough roots and soil, making it ideal for transplanting perennials. The shovel also features a large foot platform that allows for maximum leverage and a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue. The bright red color is easy to spot and adds a pop of color to your garden. This shovel is also made from durable stainless steel that will last for years. Ideal for any gardener, the Radius Garden 23311 Root Slayer Perennial Shovel is a must have for any garden.