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KOLEIYA D-Handle Square Digging Shovel

Dig Deep with KOLEIYA's Durable 41 Inch Square Shovel - Metal & Wooden Handle for Snow Removal & Recovery

- Ergonomic: The D-handle design of this shovel provides a comfortable grip and makes it easier to use.
- Lightweight: The overall length of the shovel is 41 inches, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

The Koleiya Shovel is the perfect tool for any outdoor job. This square shovel is designed for digging and has a 41-inch overall length, making it easy to use. The D handle adds comfort and stability while you’re working. The metal and wooden construction makes it strong and durable, while the recovery shovel is ideal for snow removal from cars and other vehicles. The Koleiya Shovel is a great choice for any outdoor job, from digging to snow removal. Its strong construction and comfortable handle make it easy to use for a variety of tasks. With the Koleiya Shovel, you’ll be prepared for any job that comes your way.