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Hooyman Heavy-Duty Garden Shovel

Tackle Any Outdoor Task with the Durable Hooyman Shovel!

- Fiberglass Core: The core of the shovel is made of fiberglass, making it lightweight and easy to move around.
- Oversized Steps: The oversized steps make it easier to dig into the soil and provide leverage when needed.

This Hooyman Shovel is the perfect tool for any outdoor job. Its heavy-duty carbon steel head construction ensures long-lasting durability and strength for any task. The ergonomic no-slip H-grip handles provide comfort and stability while working. The fiberglass core adds extra strength and rigidity while the oversized steps make it easy to move material. This shovel is great for gardening, land management, yard work, farming, and other outdoor activities. With its superior construction and features, this Hooyman Shovel is the perfect tool for any outdoor project.