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Fiskars Pro Silver Transfer Shovel

Dig Faster and Easier with the Fiskars Pro 397910-1001 Transfer Shovel!

- The non-slip grip handle offers superior comfort and control for extended use.
- The blade is designed with a wide, flat surface to make it easier to scoop and move materials.

The Fiskars Pro 397910-1001 Transfer Shovel is a must-have tool for any job. This 58-inch shovel is constructed with a strong steel blade and a long handle for maximum durability. The handle is coated with a soft-grip material to ensure a comfortable grip and reduce fatigue when digging. The blade is designed to easily penetrate the ground and move soil and other materials with ease. The blade also features a serrated edge for cutting through tough materials. The shovel is ideal for gardening, landscaping, and other tasks that require digging or transferring materials. With its robust construction and ergonomic design, this shovel is the perfect tool for any job.